Remark is an industry-specific digital integrator. Since 2007 we have been helping companies to be as efficient as possible in the digital environment by automating the processes of marketing, sales and internal interaction between employees. Our main expertise is in real estate, but years of experience and competencies allow us to work with companies in all industries.
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Our Expertise
Real estate
Complex projects for more than 120 real estate developers. We set high bar for the industry, implement leading products and develop our own solutions
Specializing in companies with complex business processes, we develop b2b portals, implement and maintain CRM
We develop and support online stores. Simple, effective and technological solutions to increase key indicators: usability, conversions, amount of orders
Having many years of experience in various industries from medicine to geological exploration, we provide a full range of digital services
Website development for a conceptual residential quarter
How can a real estate developer sell the last remaining apartments?
Digital transformation of the real estate developer
CRM implementation for the premium real estate developer
Secured login to Bitrix24
Real estate developer's sales processes optimization
Complex digital expertise
Complex digital expertise
Web develompent
CRM implementaion
We create websites, services, personal accounts, online stores. We support and develop projects. Our arsenal includes ready-to-go solutions and our own developments
We implement, audit CRM and carry out it’s support. We finalize and develop necessary CRM functions
We set up СRM data based analytics systems. We will create convenient and transparent reporting, develop dashboards with key indicators
Your product and Bitrix24 integration module. Full development cycle: from design to deploying the application on the marketplace
Focus on the result
our CRM apps installations
companies on a monthly support
completed projects
companies digitalized sales and marketing with our help
Our products
An advanced application for quick data export from Bitrix24 to an external MySQL database, allowing you to use any BI reporting platform without restrictions. Able to upload more data than other similar applications.
Data Connector
Edward chatbot
Personal assistant and manager in Bitrix24. Reminds about plans, calls and meetings, helps not to miss the profit. The most popular Bitrix24 chatbot (located on the first lines of the application directory and has been installed by users more than 3000 times).
Duplicates No More is a reliable way to protect your CRM from recurring leads, deals, etc. When a duplicate is detected, the application does not allow the entity to proceed further down the funnel until the duplicate is removed or merged with the conflicting entity.
Duplicates No More
Our clients