Remark is an industry-specific digital integrator. Since 2007 we have been helping companies to be as efficient as possible in the digital environment by automating the processes of marketing, sales and internal interaction between employees. Our main expertise is in real estate, but years of experience and competencies allow us to work with companies in all industries.
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Your product and Bitrix24 integration module

Full development cycle:
from design to deploying the application on the marketplace
When can development help you?
You have a mass product, but don't have a ready solution for integration with Bitrix24
Your customers need product integration with Bitrix24 and you don't have time to develop it yourself
You have an idea for a product, but no resources to execute it
The Development
We will help you understand how to integrate the product into B24 in a way convenient for users. Also we’ll offer you solutions for integration.
Finished integration release
We will conduct testing. If the application is planned to be open, we will publish it on Bitrix24 Marketplace and help with promotion.
We will establish the requirements, develop a technical specification, design and develop integration module
We are Bitrix24 partners
Certified Bitrix24 developers with experience in creating marketplace solutions
All our developers are regularly training and upgrading their skills.
16 years of experience in complex custom development
Remark’s core expertise is in development, web services, complex sites, integrations, CRM.
Processing 1 million requests per day
Support highly customized solutions and handle Rest API requests on a daily basis.
Leading solution developers
3 of our 16 applications have no analogues: Data Connector, Duplicate Control, Edward.
The total number of downloads on marketplaces exceeded 15,000.
During CRM implementation projects, we faced tasks that required the development of new solutions. So we created 10+ proprietary products, including ready-made modules for integration with services.
Go Digital
Sophisticated application for fast data export from Bitrix24 to an external MySQL database, allowing you to use any BI reporting platform without limitations. It can export more data than similar applications.
  • Finalize your solution
  • Develop integration module
  • Place the application on the marketplace
  • Find an integration solution
  • Design and develop a module
  • Support your solution
Custom development
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