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«Mikhailovsky» Residential Complex

Website development for a conceptual residential quarter
About the client
The "Mikhailovsky Park" real estate developer specializes in the construction of conceptual housing. The company distinguishes practical layouts, simplicity, reliability and quality of housing. Mikhailovsky Park Block, whose sales launched in early 2020, became the company's debut in the construction of residential real estate.
Our goal
Development of a user-friendly website that would embody the concept of a residential complex in a digital environment
Step 1
Development of the landing page on Tilda
Alongside with the development of the main website, we started creating a landing page for the Mikhailovsky Park on Tilda. Tilda is a modern website builder which has individual blocks that are manually configured in addition to standard templates and blocks. The constructor allows one to create a zero code website and launch it in the shortest possible time, which was perfect project.

In a week, we developed a mini-version of the website so future customers could immediately get familiar with the real estate developer, the project, layouts, learn more about the methods of purchase.
Step 2
Website Development
Since inside "Mikhailovsky" there is a life of its own with a separate infrastructure, therefore the website turned out to be quite bulk in comparison with the other residential areas' website.

Developing the website we relied on a large-scale study and brand platform of the quarter, which were created by our partners and colleagues at GMK.
Main Page

On the main page, we have arranged all the basic information about the "Mikhaylovsky Park": provided information about the real estate developer, described the project team, posted undeniable advantages of the complex and some popular layouts. The client liked the design of the landing page, so we used similar blocks for the main site.
Apartment Choice

The opportunity to choose an apartment was implemented in two ways: by picking the flat on the master plan or by setting preferred parameters.

The first way allows the user explore the master plan, select the desired house and entrance and pick apartment using the chart of available flats. The default view is either the cheapest apartment or the first by the number.

The selection by setting the parameters provides a filter for all the apartments, and you can configure the filter using both the set of properties and the family type.

Pre-installed sets of filters for apartments are also an additional option convenient for users.
Picking the apartment on the master plan:
Picking the apartment by setting parameters:
The detailed apartment page

We have created a separate detailed page for each apartment. Firstly, it allowed to increase the amount of pages on the website and, secondly, it gave us the opportunity to make a landing page for a specific apartment.
Payment calculation service

The service allows the site user to calculate his personal monthly payment on the basis of an initial payment larger than under standard mortgage lending conditions.

It illustrates how much the monthly payment will decrease if the buyer increases his initial payment.

If the user does not have the funds for the initial payment, he can leave a request on the website and the managers will contact him and offer suitable conditions.

When the user has decided on the apartment and the initial payment, he can save the calculations by sending them to his e-mail or directly to the client's sales office.
Parking and Storage Space

On the "Parking" and "Storage Space" pages, we have implemented the ability to select a specific space or room with the possibility of booking. Just like the apartments, these entities have detailed pages.

The detailed page for additional spaces is similar to the detailed apartment pages.
Internal Pages

Internal pages “About the complex”, “Location”, “Construction dynamics”, etc. help to explore the project in a more detailed way.
Mobile Adaptation

Website is adapted for every type of mobile device without losing the functionality.
The results
Fully functional residential complex website integrated with CRM Bitrix24
Landing page developed on Tilda
A convenient structure for updating data about the residential complex and apartments: schemes, layouts, prices, promotions. All prices and statuses of apartments are up-to-date — when an apartment is booked by a manager, its status changes on the website.

After the launch of the website, landing on Tilda does not cease to be an important digital tool. It can be used as a landing page for advertising both the complex and specific apartments or promotions.

The "Mikhailovsky Park" website was created in collaboration with the consulting company GMK and the Remark Digital team. GMK conducted a large-scale study and created a visual brand platform for the complex, while Remark Digital developed a bulk and user-friendly website.