Remark is an industry-specific digital integrator. Since 2007 we have been helping companies to be as efficient as possible in the digital environment by automating the processes of marketing, sales and internal interaction between employees. Our main expertise is in real estate, but years of experience and competencies allow us to work with companies in all industries.
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CRM System Audit

Get clear guidelines on how to make your CRM effective
Why a CRM System Audit is Your Priority Now?
There are less and less leads
Business has to improve their quality. This requires a systematic approach: considering all requests, qualifying them correctly and warming them up properly — all in one system.
Sales are dropping
Companies that are already making the most of automation respond faster to new requests and gather information about leads, and therefore perform better with them.
Save money
Companies are forced to rethink marketing budgets. To understand which channels are driving higher conversion rates — end-to-end analytics should be implemented and perfected.
Supervision is required
How many leads marketing brings in, how the sales team handles them — companies are experimenting with control and management to work more efficiently.
Marketing and sales
Build long-term relationships with leads to make them customers.
Sales team
To get more done. For example, reduce the time to prepare a quotation from 2 hours to 2 minutes.
The Company
To manage finance: to understand which channels attract applications and which ones are not worth allocating budgets to.
Manage the team: control employees and build reports in 5 minutes instead of 3−4 hours.
How CRM helps
Why doesn't it work that way now?
Sales department has accumulated thousands of leads
You can’t understand why leads are leaving for competitors
Sales funnel contains unnecessary stages
Sales plan is created based on assumptions
Situation gets out of control
Reports take hours to build manually in excel
Managers are working slowly
Plans are met at the expense of past customers
Try some of the features using a free express audit of your system
You will understand your main mistakes in setting up your CRM and working with it. Express audit is the first step to an effective CRM
The sales department works faster
All routine activities are automated. Managers have time for strategically important tasks: calls, meetings, offers. As it should be
Sales are becoming controlled
Enough information is gathered about customers to warm them up to a sale. Sales plans become realistic.
Marketing manages the budget
It becomes possible to calculate conversions and make plans to attract leads and sales.
Team control is becoming easier
Work becomes transparent. It is now clear which employees are not working as they are supposed to. Reports are generated automatically. Control over the team is easier.
How it's supposed to be
How we work
Examining the funnel, deal cards, leads, tasks and reports
Meeting with employees to get feedback on CRM performance
Meeting with business unit managers to evaluate the effectiveness of CRM
Analyzing the entire customer journey in your CRM
Preparing a report with recommendations and CRM development roadmap
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Why choose us?
Our extensive experience allows us to audit any CRM
  • Bitrix24, AmoCRM
  • Standard business processes
  • Audit recommendations
  • CRM development plan
  • from 40 hours
  • Any CRM
  • Custom CRM
  • Standard and specific business processes
  • Audit recommendations
  • CRM development plan
  • From 60 hours
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