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How can a real estate developer sell the last remaining apartments in a luxury residential building using a digital strategy?

Residential building «REAL»

About the client
Specialized real estate developer «Zvezda» has built 8 objects with competently organized infrastructure, 2 of which were nominated for the Urban Awards 2020. Our case is about one of them - a business class house "REAL".

We have been cooperating with the Zvezda real estate developer for more than 3 years in various areas, and a few months ago a new joint task arose to sell the last remaining in the REAL building apartments.
Our goal
6 expensive apartments remained in the pool by the end of the house's construction. It was vital to sell the last apartments in 2 months using a new digital strategy. We created a convenient and presentable landing page and launched an advertising campaign.
Step 1
New landing page
The previous and the only version was developed at the start of the sales and was more functional. The new task required a different approach with an emphasis on the remaining unsold apartments of the business class building, so first of all we updated the landing page into a higher pfrofile promotional page. To convey the image of the house apart from placing high-quality interior and exterior renders on the page we also focused on the updated corporate identity and used its shape and colors.

We went over the project and it's location in the historical center of the city with a very convenient transport intersection. The architectural advantages were highlighted in the form of interactive descriptive blocks in the photograph of the complex. We paid attention to the improvement of the territory adjacent to the house, supporting the description with elegant photographs and the layout of the entire yard, and placed the lead forms pointwise on the landing page.
Step 2
To attract the right audience to the created landing page, we used several media channels to promote the REAL house. The offers focused on the remaining apartments, apartments in the city center, business class apartments, low mortgage rates and used lead forms for a wide audience.
Programmatic advertising for high profile audience
To reach out to a high profile audience we used programmatic advertising as a media channel. This is a way to purchase traffic using the RTB auction system. Programmatic allows one to buy specific users, not the entire array of traffic or content, while one can optimize advertising campaigns in real time with a variety of parameters. Such a point adjusting is suitable for our purpose, and we have chosen the following targeting:
Income level С+, С++
Tyumen and nearest regions
Elite and premium real estate, luxury real estate, high-income individuals, suburban real estate, elite class, business class, overseas property, business travel, cruises, business class car and models, premium class car and models
Public figures, senior management, managing directors and top managers, public administration and defense, mandatory social security, senior executives, top management
Contextual advertising
The emphasis was made on retargeting campaigns, we used both colder audience segments (website visitors who did not leave an application) and rather warm ones (based on micro conversions - users who scrolled the site to layouts, opened the form, etc.).
Retargeting campaigns
In Google Ads, in addition to the retargeting campaign in networks, we used retargeting with a promo video on Youtube.
Quiz for generating requests from contextual advertising
Sometimes real estate quizzes can convert applications better than standard feedback forms because they involve the user in choosing an apartment. The gamification of the process increases the desire of the user to reach the end and leave contacts in order to receive a bonus. In this quiz, with the help of questions, we tried to determine the target audience as much as possible, and at the end we offered to download the presentation of the REAL house as a bonus.
The results
In 2 weeks, we launched a promo page on Tilda, got an attractive mobile and desktop versions of the landing page. Due to a unique digital strategy, the goal was achieved by the end of the second month.
4 apartments
3 apartments
  • Valeria Toporova
    Head of marketing department at Zvezda
    Together with Remark Digital agency we worked on a new task to develop a digital strategy for promoting REAL business class apartments. Initially, the digital channel was poorly represented - the emphasis in promoting the object was placed on offline tools, and sales were spontaneous, more likely made through personal channels and word of mouth. Remark team prepared a new media plan, which was based on suitable sales channels, and identified a portrait of the main target audience. The old landing page was quickly redesigned, and in just a week a new advertising campaign was launched. Most of all I liked the impeccable communication — the specialists promptly responded to questions and corrections, offered their options for promotion, no one pulled on the little things, rather the opposite :) The situation was under the complete control of the Remark team and the reporting deadlines were never shifted. Lead plans were fully implemented.