Remark is an industry-specific digital integrator. Since 2007 we have been helping companies to be as efficient as possible in the digital environment by automating the processes of marketing, sales and internal interaction between employees. Our main expertise is in real estate, but years of experience and competencies allow us to work with companies in all industries.
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Our products are the result of many years of expertise, a clear understanding of the tasks and deep immersion in the client's business.


For the developers
Data Connector
Sophisticated application for fast data export from Bitrix24 to an external MySQL database, allowing you to use any BI reporting platform without limitations. It can export more data than similar applications.
Secretary, manager and assistant in Bitrix24. Reminds you about activities, calls and meetings, and helps you not to miss any profit. The most popular Bitrix24 chatbot (occupies the top of the app catalog and has been installed by users 3000+ times).
Duplicates No More
Duplicates No More is a reliable way to protect your CRM from recurring leads, deals, etc. When a duplicate is detected, the application does not allow the entity to proceed further down the funnel until the duplicate is removed or merged with the conflicting entity.
Trendy real estate developer’s website is an updated version of the popular Remark product. Allows you to get a pre-made project with modern technological design without effort and long waiting time. Website for real estate developers is the best UX practices, high conversion rate and functionality you need.
Ready-to-go website
For real estate developers