Remark is an industry-specific digital integrator. Since 2007 we have been helping companies to be as efficient as possible in the digital environment by automating the processes of marketing, sales and internal interaction between employees. Our main expertise is in real estate, but years of experience and competencies allow us to work with companies in all industries.
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Bitrix24 implementation and support

Transparent and simple service fees
Easy collaboration, just like your own team
We carry out tasks of any complexity
When will we be useful?
You have decided to implement Bitrix24 for the first time or as a replacement for another tool
Processes, products or services are changing, some regular improvements of Bitrix24 are required
The company has grown, it is required to refine the existing system, develop non-standard solutions and integrations
Technical errors occur: telephony failures, no leads coming in, business processes do not work correctly
There are full-time specialists who support Bitrix24, but their resources are not enough to solve all problems
You are already using Bitrix24, but the system is not working efficiently
Don't know where to start?
Start with a Bitrix24 audit
We will study your CRM and identify the problems that are causing you to lose customers. During a comprehensive audit, we will point out errors, give recommendations for improving processes, and draw up a system development plan.
We help to use Bitrix24 more efficiently
We answer your employees questions about working in CRM and help them to quickly master new tools.
Employees training and support
We audit the current sales processes and internal business processes of the company, offer solutions for improvement.
We will teach you how to manage sales and track team results using CRM.
Management training
We offer 3 plans with different amounts of prepaid hours per month. The more hours, the more advantageous is the hourly rate.

For higher plans we offer a differentiated hourly rate.
Each of the plans includes a fixed number of hours, paid in a monthly manner. If a big task suddenly arises, and there are not enough hours, you do not need a separate contract, you can agree on additional hours over the limit, and pay for them at the end of the month.
20 hours
  • 20 hours
  • allocated project analyst manager
50 hours
  • 50 hours
  • allocated project analyst manager
  • allocated developer
100 hours
  • 100 hours
  • allocated project analyst manager
  • 2 allocated developers
Bitrix24 support for the real estate developer
  • 20 hours per month
  • industry related applications
  • manager experienced in real estate industry
I want to thank the Remark company for their desire to delve into the problem and find a non-standard solution for it. Your expertise and professionalism helped us think about simple and effective solutions, about new tools for segmenting the customer market.
Together with the Remark team, we created a whole sales system that allowed us to make a leap forward. Now I feel our competitive advantage over many leaders of the region's real estate market.
We entrusted the creation of our website to Remark. The agency team offered an integrated approach and highly detailed reports, at the moment we have almost completed the development of the website, we are satisfied with the results of Remark's work and will continue cooperation.
Marketing and Sales Director, PSK "Dom"
Taras Gerasimov
Ivan Druganov
Managing director of the Meridian Group
Alexander Bykov
Commercial Director 4D Development
Latest cases
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Our clients
The hourly rate depends on the role — analyst, junior/middle/senior developers, designers. Simple tasks are completed faster and cheaper, complex tasks are solved by competent specialists who find the best solutions.
We provide continuous work with our support;
We implement both template and complex non-standard functions;
We take care of solving  working with third-party services problems and integration;
We prepare instructions and train employees to work in Bitrix24.
CRM chats, phone calls and  messengers;
Not longer than 15 minutes, SLA in the contract;
Personal Bitrix24 project manager who knows your project.
Detailed report every month;
Personal account with current expenses display;
Advantageous subscription plans.