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How to build a developer-friendly CRM in 9 steps

The secret to using CRM effectively is simple: the system must be convenient for the real estate developer. More precisely, for executives, sales managers and marketers who use it every day.
Dmitry Sevostyanov
Founder & CEO at Remark. 16 years in IT. Main specialization: digitalization in the real estate development market.
Dmitry Sevostyanov
Founder & CEO at Remark. 16 years in IT. Main specialization: digitalization in the real estate development market.

9 steps to a convenient CRM

We tell you what you can do on your own to make Bitrix24 more convenient to work in. The article describes new tricks and convenient features from the vendor. Implement and get results immediately.

This material will help you to understand:
  • 1
    How to increase the usability of CRM for managers
  • 2
    How to connect communication channels to the system
  • 3
    How to synchronize calendar and contacts from CRM with your phone
  • 4
    How to set up notifications and regular reports on leads and deals
  • 5
    How to use artificial intelligence without leaving CRM
Unfortunately, the level of convenience of corporate services is lower than that of individual services, and we are used to it. If a message takes a few seconds longer than usual to send in Telegram, we are outraged. And a ten-minute upload of a document to CRM seems to be a common thing. But it is inconvenient. A convenient CRM, on the other hand, improves employee efficiency. It is used daily and is a source of data for sales analytics, which improves control over the situation.

Step 1: Connect telephony and messengers

Manually entering data for each lead is time-consuming and creates a situation when an employee forgot or did not have time to log the lead. In order for a CRM system to really work, every action of the manager and the client must be entered into it. That is, telephony, messengers and online consultants must be integrated with the CRM.
If you don’t have such an option, you can use the standard CRM functionality. For example, Bitrix24 has a full-fledged built-in SIP-telephony. If you use another CRM, check its features, as it may well have a similar tool.

Real estate developers who have their own telephony may need the help of an integrator. It is necessary to correctly configure forwarding, recording and other features.

Similarly, you need to set up work with messengers, which play an increasing role in communications with real estate developer clients. In Bitrix24, Telegram and Whatsapp can be connected through both official and unofficial integration.

A widget to the website for customer consultation is also connected in one click. In addition, you can hide the online consultant on the site after hours and distribute calls to those managers who are now in the office and can answer them.

By connecting all communication sources to the CRM, managers will promptly respond to messages in messenger and chat on the website, and therefore increase conversion rates.

Step 2: Synchronize your calendar with smartphone

A busy schedule is the reality of a sales manager. A calendar will help not to forget about meetings during peak workload periods and effectively manage your working time. If you integrate CRM with your smartphone calendar, you’ll always have your schedule in your pocket.
A properly configured calendar in Bitrix24 also facilitates interaction with colleagues. You can view their schedule and schedule a meeting at a free time, or you can check whether the meeting room is free for that hour. An additional bonus — the calendar in CRM will remind the manager about the meeting in advance. And if you use slightly more sophisticated settings, it will also send a reminder to the client.

Step 3: Allow the client to choose the time of the meeting

Bitrix24 has a "Slots" tool that allows you to send a client a link to book an appointment on his own. He will be able to choose the most convenient time for him and sign up for a showing in just a couple of clicks.

This tool is now being actively implemented even in premium sales and sending a link to a client no longer seems strange. On the contrary, an uncomplicated option will allow you to take interaction to a new level.

"Slots" is a convenient, but universal feature of Bitrix24, which does not take into account the specifics of the construction industry.

Step 4: Choose a channel for work correspondence

Often this channel is popular messengers, where you can easily get distracted by reading the news or family chats. Even small companies now realize that work and personal correspondence is better not to mix.

The reasons are several:
  • 1
    Some data shouldn’t be shared outside the company.
  • 2
    A terminated employee needs to quickly close access to messenger.
  • 3
    It’s harder for an employee to concentrate on work tasks.
Popular variants of corporate messengers — Slack, Teams and others — are officially unavailable. Chat in CRM is always available and helps not to lose focus and keep data safe.
If we continue with the Bitrix24 example, CRM allows you to conduct corporate correspondence. This is convenient because discussions are often related to a specific client or transaction. If you haven’t yet converted your internal corporate communications to CRM, perhaps it’s time to do so. If you regularly use CRM to discuss corporate tasks, the habit will form quickly.

Step 5: Synchronize your CRM with your address book

This one is not suitable for companies that emphasize on enhanced protection of their databases from CRM. If there is no such need, but managers often work at low internet speeds, integration of contacts in CRM with smartphone address book will help. When the internet goes down, for example, at country real estate sites, an employee can find a contact in the address book and make a call.

Step 6: Dealing with reports

An important function of CRM is digitization and transparency of processes. Therefore, built-in reports that allow you to see numbers and results from day one are very important. The kanban itself in Bitrix24 is a report. It reflects the number and amount of transactions, the number of overdue tasks and other quantitative characteristics.
Of course, kanban does not allow you to track all relevant metrics. The report builder will help to cope with this. CRM has built-in tools. If they are not flexible enough to solve a particular problem, it is worth using BI-analytics tools. They allow you to get complex non-standard reports and customize them individually.

Step 7: Ensure convenient document preparation

Even CRM cannot completely relieve the manager of routine tasks, but it can significantly facilitate such operations. A lot of time is spent on preparation and approval of documents, but with the help of CRM the process can be made much easier and more convenient.

Bitrix24 has a built-in document generator.

The preparation of a booking agreement can be automated on the basis of a built-in template.

If a more complex documentation scenario is needed, integrator assistance and complex customizations will be required.

Step 8: Work flexibly with notifications

Special flexibility is needed in notification settings. Some managers are comfortable with push notifications on their smartphone, while others want to receive them via email or work chat. The same flexibility is required in determining the number and level of importance of notifications.

The optimal solution is to leave only really important notifications, so as not to be distracted from the main tasks. Bitrix24 has a built-in tool to customize notifications by different channels.

Step 9: Engage Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is able to help the head of sales in solving a mass of work tasks. For this purpose, a tool based on it should be integrated into CRM.

We use for this purpose the development of Remark, Edward’s productivity assistant. This virtual assistant reminds managers about missed calls or overdue tasks. In addition, it takes over the adaptation of newcomers. Every day an employee receives directly in messenger a new part of a pre-prepared CRM course, so teammates do not need to spend time on his training.

CRM-assistant can also be used to solve routine tasks of the ROP. For example, when an employee is dismissed, Edward will help to quickly distribute his tasks among colleagues taking into account their current workload. You can also use the assistant to set up a report on current leads, transactions or any other indicators on certain days and at certain times.
If the system has accumulated a lot of irrelevant deals and leads, CRM-cleaning will help to clean up. It is convenient to start reconfiguring a CRM that has been in use for a long time.

You can evaluate Edward’s abilities for free: after installation, write to support "I want trial access for 3 months" and specify promo code DD.

The possibilities for real estate developers in Bitrix24 are not limited to Edward. Only we offer eight applications that take into account the specifics of the sales department at different stages.

Bottom line

According to our experience, most real estate developers do not use the basic set of features that are available in the CRM-system. Full use of these features will reduce time for routine operations, help to organize the workload of employees, provide convenient and visual reports. These features do not require additional budget and complex customization, but the tangible benefits bring immediately after their implementation. If you need assistance from an integrator, you can always contact us by e-mail at