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MANTERA Seaview residence

CRM implementation for a premium real estate developer
For the successful implementation of a premium project, it is important to conduct all business processes without exception at the highest level. Read more to find out how we helped to make the interaction between the real estate developer, customers and partners more technologically advanced and convenient.

About the Client
MANTERA Seaview residence is a deluxe project that includes residences with sea and mountain views, a five-star hotel managed by an international hotel operator, and more than 40 recreation and entertainment facilities. The complex is located on the first coastline in Sirius (federal territory).

The project has been awarded with prestigious international real estate awards.

MANTERA Seaview residence has been recognized as THE BEST IN RUSSIA and THE BEST IN THE REGIONS OF RUSSIA in two categories of the European Property Awards 2021 - 2022:
- "Residential development" (the best residential complex under construction in Russia).
- "Apartment" (best apartment - penthouse)
The Task
In the early stages, managers manually maintained a customer database in Excel.
With time, it became obvious that due to the limited toolkit, the top-class team is having difficulty organizing systematic work with clients, not to mention the automatic one.

The audience of MANTERA Seaview residence is people with a prestigious status and high income, who are able to purchase real estate at a price of 2.3 million per square meter. The premium project has to provide premium service. By the presale stage, it was important to qualitatively digitilize the work of managers in order to ensure high sales and a level of customer service corresponding to the status of the project.
The Solution
It was decided to create a system of fast, reliable and comfortable interaction of all participants in transactions through the implementation of CRM and automation of work with leads and customers.

Any successful implementation of CRM for a real estate developer can be divided into several key stages.
  • 1
    Project preparation
  • 2
    Connecting all the lead sources possible to CRM
  • 3
    Connecting the system of apartments booking
  • 4
    CRM configuration
  • 5
    Guidance development and employees training
  • 6
    Setting up reports and dashboards
  • 7
    CRM maintenance and developments
Read more to see the details of each stage.
Stage 1
Project preparation
Before starting the implementation, it is important to fully determine the infrastructure of the project, without leave the choice of important components “for later”. With the client's team, we discussed the main tasks in several iterations and went through each of the blocks in detail. For their part, they gave recommendations of services.

The client has chosen::
  • CRM Bitrix24 as a «core»;
  • Comagic telephony;
  • Smartis analytics;
  • Profitbase industry service for booking objects;
  • Wazzup as the messenger for communication.

Our agency was chosen to play the role of an integrator: apart from the fact that we specialize in the real estate market and understand clients perfectly, we are well aware of all the services that the client has decided to use.
Stage 2
Connecting all possible lead sources to CRM

It is important to create a unified and convenient communication system for managers, where customers contact the company without any problems or leave an application, and the source of applications can be tracked for building a flexible marketing strategy.

Therefore, we ensured the transparent operation of telephony and call tracking by integrating Comagic with CRM.
All call sources are displayed in Bitrix24:
In order not to overload the client card with unnecessary information, we have additionally configured the integration with Comagic by combining sources into groups. For example, if an ad campaign contains an SEO value, then the source is recorded as "organic search".
In addition to calls, requests from the site need to be recorded. To do this, we have connected the SmartCallBack widget from Smartisan. It monitors the behavior of visitors and identifies interested customers, to whom it makes a relevant offer with conversion into a callback. We have also enabled automatic import of applications from the site to CRM. In this case, the source of the request is displayed in the lead card.
There will always be customers who are not yet ready to apply. They have questions. At the same time, they do not want to call, but they will be happy to ask their questions in the chat. In order not to lose this part of customers and at the same time not to get lost in chats, we have implemented the integration of Bitrix24 with Whatsapp through the Wazzup service.

Such integration allows not only to correspond with the client and store the history of messages in the contact or transaction card, but also to automate routine actions: for example, automatically send a quote via Bitrix24.

As a result, all channels of communication with clients are connected to CRM, leads are created automatically, and the system stores a history of all interactions with the client.
Stage 3
Connect the system of booking the apartments
With any assortment of apartments, storing their list in Excel and manually marking the statuses there is not only inconvenient, but also very risky. This approach severely limits the potential for automation in CRM.

The most important functions are lost:
  • automatic notifications about the timing of the booking;
  • automatic notifications about the timing of the booking;
  • the ability of agents to independently book the desired apartment through their personal account;
  • document generation;
  • exporting lots to aggregators and other sites.

In order to work with the range of apartments, we have integrated the Profitbase service into the interface of the CRM system. It displays a catalog of objects and, in cooperation with CRM, allows you to set up typical business processes for a real estate developer: selecting an apartment, booking, sending a quote, and so on.
The manager can find the apartment the client needs directly from Bitrix24 and attach it to the transaction. When the transaction reaches the booking stage, the room will automatically change its status in Profitbase from "free" to "booked". So the client's employees, partners and customers always see up-to-date information on the availability of apartments.

We also set up access for real estate agents through the agent's personal account from Profitbase. There, the specialists see up-to-date information and advise clients without distracting the client's managers.
What agents see in their personal account in Profitbase

If an agent books an apartment for his client, this is displayed in the CRM. In Bitrix24, a deal is created with automatic filling in the contacts of the client and agent. We have finalized this business process, and now the "Agent" and "Agency" fields in the transaction card are filled in automatically so that the manager does not waste time on this.
Stage 4
CRM configuration
If an agent books an apartment for his client, this is displayed in the CRM. In Bitrix24, a deal is created with automatic filling in the contacts of the client and agent. We have finalized this business process, and now the "Agent" and "Agency" fields in the transaction card are filled in automatically so that the manager does not waste time on this.
Lead funnel

This funnel includs all leads from the initial contact to the stage of qualification into the target client.
1 — Lead funnel
To start working with the lead funnel, we imported the current application bases. In the process, we encountered the first difficulty: the call center processed applications in an unconfigured lead funnel for a couple of months, which is why some of the customers were already in the system.

We eliminated duplicates using the Bitrix24 functionality and implemented our Control of Duplicates widget to protect CRM from new repeat leads and deals. When a duplicate is detected, the application does not let the lead go further down the funnel until the duplicate is removed or merged.

We also automated the business process “Filling out the manager’s questionnaire.”
The manager questionnaire is a universal document with the ability to edit questions, which is used during the first contact with the client, if he is ready to tell a little more about himself and his preferences.
Main Funnel
It may seem that the sales process consists of obvious stages: lead, meeting/demonstration, booking, contract. But do not forget that the apartment demonstration may not take place. A client from another city may refuse to attend a demonstration at all and immediately book an apartment, in turn, there may be several reservations, and so on.

To control this process, we set up a sales funnel taking into account all industry specifics.
From the lead funnel, high-quality leads move to the main funnel. There managers work with the client, assign reservations and demonstrations.
In order to organize everything and avoid confusion, we have implemented our solution "Duty Calendar", which was created specifically for real estate developers and helps to automate the display process.

The screening scenario depends on the features of the real estate developer and the project. In MANTERA Seaview residence this functionality will be applied to demonstration in showroom.
The main funnel shows a reference sales process with stages, required fields, and automated tasks. This is what makes it possible to digitalize customer service in order to evaluate and improve the quality of a manager’s work.
Service funnels

In addition to the main business process (sales), the client has tasks for which we have set up additional funnels.

A service funnel in which managers work with equity holders. Helps to keep in touch with the client, notify him of the next steps in the transaction:
Agent funnel, where the accounting of commissions to agents is automated. Allows you to automatically calculate payments after successful completion of transactions, as well as generate documents for payment and keep records of commissions:
To make it easier for managers to track payments, we have implemented our turnkey solution for real estate developers - "Payment Schedule". There managers fill out the payment schedule and mark payments.
As soon as full payment is received, the transaction status automatically changes, and the manager receives a notification about the next stages of working with the client.

All collected information on mortgage transactions is available in the form of a report: income forecast, debt, payment dates.
Stage 5
Comfort is not always obvious. Therefore, it is important to prepare managers to work with funnels and business processes in CRM. To do this, we have drawn up regulations that describe in detail the work process of employees of all departments, the functions and algorithms of third-party services and business processes.
We've conducted remote training for the managers and the heads of departments. We consolidated our knowledge in repeated sessions of questions and answers. The developed regulations help new employees adapt faster, and current employees save time and find answers to questions on their own.
Stage 6
REports and dashboards
Added autocomplete fields in transactions that the manager cannot edit on his own: the date of the first reservation, the area and amount of the booked apartment, etc.). This allows to automatically accumulate more information.

We set up integration with the SMARTIS end-to-end analytics system. From Bitrix24 detailed information about the transaction is transmitted for further analysis by marketers and managers.
The Result
Not just CRM, but a convenient environment for interaction between employees, clients and real estate agencies
After the launch of CRM, we switched to support and development mode: we are finalizing scenarios, adding new functions, improving the system based on feedback from the client's team.
The development sphere is dynamically “digitalizing”, therefore it is important to be able to develop systematically and not be limited to one-time improvements.

By the way, the convenience of interaction has become the central theme not only of the implementation process, but also of cooperation with the client. The MANTERA Seaview residence project manager was actively involved in all stages of work, promptly providing all the necessary data and evaluating processes from an expert position. The competence of our colleagues allowed us to correctly determine the goals of implementation and timely adjust the progress of work. It is always a great success to meet an understanding and responsible customer - this is the key to a successful project.