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Real-time Analytics

How to work with a large amount of CRM data


One of our clients, Lifehacker Coffee, a large franchise of self-service coffee shops, faced a problem with exporting more than 5 million records from Bitrix24 for all entities. It took a long time to complete the Exports, so the company was unable to build correct analytical reports.

The client approached us with a request to debug the export of actual data and its constant updating. Data Connector helped to solve the task. The application exports any amount of data without Rest API restrictions in real time, and thanks to its versatility, any analytics system can be connected to Data Connector.
  • «Lifehacker Coffee»
    The largest franchise of self-service coffee shops
    At first, we worked in another CRM: we wrote our own application for exporting data. But the company grew, and we decided to move all the data to Bitrix24. As a consequence, we lost the ability to upload all data to an external database. Data Connector allowed us to solve this problem very quickly. Thanks to the application, we quickly exported all the data from CRM and were able to create reports in different BI-analytics systems. We are satisfied with the work of the application. There were some minor difficulties in connecting the database, but the support worked very quickly, and we quickly connected and customized the application.


Data Connector is a comprehensive solution for exporting data from Bitrix24, which has a number of advantages compared to analogs on the market:
  • 1
    There is no limit on the amount of data to export.
  • 2
    It is possible to select fields in entities.
  • 3
    A large number of available entities for export: from leads to smart processes.
  • 4
    A backup of your portal data.
  • 5
    Real-time synchronization.
  • 6
    Possibility to connect any analytics system.
Data Connector has become one of the most popular solutions for data export. The application has been downloaded more than 1,500 times and is used in CIS and Western countries. For example, Data Connector has been installed by RB LLC — the largest sports media outlet.
  • RB LLC
    Largest sports media outlet
    When connecting Data Connector, we appreciated the convenience and simplicity of setting up the application, and the help of technical support, which provided advice and assistance with setting up the application throughout the entire time. Thanks to Data Connector, we were able to build analytical reports based on actual data updated in real time.
One of the largest real estate developers, Sochi Park, also appreciated Data Connector’s work:
  • «Sochi Park»
    A large real estate developer
    Appreciated the ease and speed of integration of the application. Satisfied with the quality and reliable operation of the application. We build dashboards based on the data exported by the application.


In order to connect Data Connector and use always up-to-date data to build analytics dashboards, all you need to do is download the app from the Birtix24 marketplace and connect your database.

The app has trial access to the professional plan for all new users: for 14 days you will get all the features of the professional plan. And the Lite plan does not require any payment.

Install Data Connector in 1 click